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Our Bluebird Branding Journey

Embarking on co-creating a new, fresh brand and logo for our school was one of our biggest projects last year. As every member of our community were involved, it was a very meaningful experience and our final product reflects the very essence of what Bluebird embodies.

After many iterations, finally deciding on just the right logo was a decision which needed the seal of approval from our special little Bluebirdies. During the various discussion groups, the images were brought to life with their wonderfully creative ideas, visions and interpretations.

Building up to our launch, the children experienced the creation of the new logo through dance and drama, music and singing, arts and crafts and free play. The Bluebird of happiness was front and centre as the themes below were celebrated.

  • Our little Bluebird is happy and content, feathers fluffed and filled with confidence. The little beak speaks to each child finding their voice as they grow and mature. Singing a song of happiness from the heart is part and parcel of the Bluebird experience.
  • Est 1951 sets in place the amazing heritage and legacy for which Bluebird is renowned while the curved writing with the school’s name creates a little nest and places the bird within a space of nurturing care, without enclosing it. It is free to fly at the right time.
  • The imperfect splashes of colour represent the age-appropriate nature of all that Bluebird has to offer. It speaks to the importance of child-centered instruction, appreciation of each individual child’s abilities and journey as well as the room for maturation in an age-appropriate time frame. The squiggly lines symbolise the value of a learning experience that is creative, explorative and exciting.
  • The rainbow is a symbol of hope, light and joy – reminding us that every child’s future lies ahead, filled with promise. The little heart in the middle of the rainbow symbolises the very essence of what Bluebird stands for.  At the centre of everything we do at Bluebird is love, kindness and understanding.

The final touch of wonder are the little dots which represent the magic of childhood – the bubbling joy and effervescence of little children filling the air at Bluebird as they embrace their day of wonder while sharing the sprinkles of happiness and kindness wherever they go.