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Management and staff of the School are committed to:

  • Instilling into each individual learner a sound spiritual and moral attitude, based on the values of love, justice, compassion, respect, care, acceptance and tolerance.
  • Developing a curriculum of excellence.
  • Setting the highest standards of work and behaviour for all learners.
  • Protecting the parents and learners rights to confidentiality.
  • Protecting the dignity of all who are part of our school community.
  • Creating a loving and caring environment for the learners.
  • Fostering strong communication with parents as the basis for close co-operation.
  • Conducting ourselves in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct of the South African Council of Educators.
  • Being heard by parents and learners. Listening to parents and learners and understanding any concerns raised.
  • Providing the appropriate time and place for full and confidential discussion.
  • Establishing reasonable expectations for solving any issues or problems.
  • Establishing a written action plan for any proposed or agreed solution.
  • Reporting and reviewing the action plan.
  • Providing an opportunity to a parent or learner to work towards a solution.
  • Recognising that:
    • parents have a depth of experience with the learner
    • parental and educator perspectives may justifiably differ
    • Parents have multiple time commitments.

Management and staff of the School are committed to:

  • Helping and encouraging children to develop strong spiritual and moral values.
  • Taking an active and supportive interest in the School’s aspirations.
  • Upholding the good name of the School and the professionals.
  • Protecting the right of confidentiality of the School, management and staff.
  • Taking an active interest in children’s work and progress and in this regard attending parent’s meetings.
  • Supporting the values, authority and discipline of the school.
  • Reading and committing themselves to the relevant policy documents that pertain to them at this school.
  • Being heard by educators. Listening to educators.
  • Holding discussions with educators at a time and place that permits full and confidential exploration of issues:
    • concerns will be directed at the educator only.
    • the issue/problem will be articulated clearly and fully.
    • educators will be afforded the opportunity to work towards a solution, which will require sufficient time.
  • Recognising that:
    • educators are trained professionals.
    • educators’ perspectives may differ from parents’
    • educators have multiple time commitments.
  • Be punctual and see that learners attend school regularly.

Learners are expected to:

  • Behave in a cordial, respectful manner.
  • Wear hats daily
  • Respect the property of others.

Learners are expected, with assistance, to:

  • Follow instructions
  • Take responsibility for their own belongings.
  • Use school equipment with care.