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Our Day at School

Each day at Bluebird is a unique experience where the children will play a part in determining how it unfolds, as our teachers take cues from what each learner is most curious about. Within the theme for the day, children are actively encouraged to explore and express – at Bluebird, there are no wrong answers, just young minds learning to appreciate the wonders and possibilities of the world around them.

Bluebird classes and coloured hats

Bluebird is known for its colour-coded classes, where children feel a strong sense of identity and belonging linked to their class hat colour. When your child starts at Bluebird, they will be placed in a specific class determined by their age and date of birth. This in turn will guide their learning experiences.

  • Blue Hats and Green Hats: Children who are 2 and turning 3 within the year of admission
  • Yellow Hats and Red Hats: Children who are 3 and turning 4 within the year of admission
  • Purple Hats and Navy Hats: Children who are 4 and turning 5 within the year of admission
Bluebird PrePrimary Top Divider Swirl
Bluebird The 21st Century Curriculum

A Modern Curriculum

The world is changing at an incredible pace and your children will need certain skills in order to find their way and succeed in following their dreams.
At Bluebird, we have aligned these with “The Big C’s” of 21st century learning:

  • Critical thinking,
  • Collaboration,
  • Communication,
  • Creativity,
  • Citizenship and
  • Character Development.

Through these concepts, your children will be well prepared for their entry into formal education at primary school level as happy, confident individuals.

This is core to the Bluebird approach to teaching, and we provide engaging, enriching activities and facilities that will help your children grown and blossom as they develop:

  • Perceptual Skills
  • Fine and Gross Motor Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Language and Literacy Introductory (isiZulu and Afrikaans)
  • Numeracy
  • Design and Technology
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Drama
  • Music and Movement
  • Creative Art
Bluebird Elearning


During our period of lockdown in 2020, Bluebird began its journey navigating and developing an agile online platform which was both engaging and meaningful for little people, as well as offering flexibility and versatility for parents who had to juggle their own demands of work and home. Our modern curriculum allows us to pivot seamlessly between onsite and online learning, as and when we need to. To allow for greater flexibility for parents, an asynchronous approach was chosen and families are provided with exciting lessons to log in to each day which follow each classes unique learning programme. Our extended curriculum includes an abundance of enrichment lessons to explore such as Music, Drama, Messy play, Science, Baking and Design and Technology.

Component 6 - 4

The Bluebird Garden of Discovery

Thoughtfully designed as a wonderful outdoor activity area, the Bluebird Garden encourages your children to develop physical and cognitive skills, enjoy movement, and engage and play with others.

This shady space provides children with opportunities to move quickly and slowly, for imaginative play and mindfulness, and interaction with our resident ducks and bunnies, which can help bring out the nurturing, caring side of their natures.

Opportunities for self-expression, sensory play and artistic creation can be found here – each day in the Bluebird Garden is a unique experience that will help your children grow in knowledge, skills, confidence and curiosity.

Component 10 – 2
Bluebird Nest

A Nurturing NEST

We are committed to bringing out the best in every child, helping them to identify their strengths and providing reassuring support where needed.

Our Early Learning Support Specialist heads up the Nurturing, Extension, Support and Training (NEST) offering which includes small group enrichment lessons and individual attention. Where necessary, an external team of specialist Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists and Play Therapists provide early interventions and specialised instructional support. These specialist services are outsourced, at an additional cost for parents involved.

Component 5 – 5

Extra Murals

Children in our middle and older groups can choose from extra mural activities including Playball, Ballet, Tang Soo Do and Music4Minis. These activities take place onsite after regular school hours, at an additional cost to parents.

  • Playball
  • Ballet
  • Tang Soo Do
  • Music4Minis
  • Tumbling Tigerz
Bluebird Extra Murals
Component 10 – 2

After Care and Holiday Club

We understand that life can be challenging for parents who work full-time: our daily Aftercare sessions (until 5pm) and Holiday Clubs are run by our co-teachers and provide continuity for your children, while providing extra help for you. Additional costs apply.

During the school holidays, our popular Holiday Club provides a flexible programme of exciting activities each day, planned and communicated to parents in advance.

Component 5 – 5

Enrichment Programme

Bluebird’s extended day includes an Enrichment programme for all our children which adds a further layer of quality input. This dynamic offering includes Coding4Kids, Yoga4Kids, Science and Environmental Discovery as well as a MakerSpace approach to creative construction. Our innovative STEAM programme allows for an integrated project-based approach to learning which brings to life the important steps of the design process. The collaborative nature of these activities fosters social-emotional development as well as developing curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.