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Our teachers

Bluebird is built on the strength of a passionate, dedicated team of teachers who are equally committed to early childhood development and growing and learning as professionals.

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Our teaching team receives excellent support from Bluebird’s educational and creative specialists. Our Early Learning Support Specialist enriches and guides how the curriculum is taught, and facilitates extension and support sessions in small group settings. With Drama and Music specialists on our staff, we give your children opportunities to express their personalities and creativity, and let their imaginations run free. By taking a thematic approach to early childhood education, we make each activity more relevant and meaningful and help your children develop their powers of interpretation and association.

Blue Bird Primary Joyanne West

Joyanne West

Head of School and Drama Specialist

The magic of childhood and the wonder of these early years makes my job the very best one in the world! Leading Team Bluebird is a privilege and I count every day a blessing as we get to guide, nurture and develop our little leaders of tomorrow. Having spent the past 30 years teaching and leading within the Early Childhood Years and Foundation Phase, I am passionate about the importance and value of a quality pre-school education. This is where it all begins!

Blue Bird Primary Violet Kungwanyo

Violet Kungwayo

Navy Hats Co-Teacher and KidzClub Co-Ordinator

Working with children during these foundational years and helping them develop their knowledge in a concrete way is my passion. Having been on the staff at Bluebird for over 15 years, I can honestly say that Ubuntu is alive and well in this beautiful school. The energy of togetherness keeps us all motivated and I am so fulfilled in my work. The children make me feel treasured and important which is all the thanks I ever need!
Blue Bird Primary Helen

Helen Smith

Navy Hats Teacher and Pastoral Care and Staff Wellness Co-Ordinator

Bluebird has been my home for over 20 years and I love coming to work every day. With my experience in Foundation Phase teaching, I am passionate about developing pre-reading and pre-writing skills as well as nurturing curiosity and creativity. Seeing the world through the eyes of young children brightens my day and their stories keep me smiling.
Blue Bird Primary Irene Manyike

Irene Manyike

Yellow Hats Co-Teacher

I love being around children - it’s that simple! They make me smile every day and their happiness is very special to see. I have been at Bluebird since 2010 and I am in the final stages of completing my ECD degree through UNISA.
Blue Bird Primary Naledi Mowale

Naledi Mowale

Red Hats Teacher

My fondness for children and education developed during the early stages of my life. Teaching has granted me the opportunity to nurture both and I am so grateful to have started my career as a teacher at Bluebird. Children never fail to delight and it is so rewarding to see how they develop and learn connected behaviour by watching those around them. I am privileged to be working in this beautiful environment where I treasure every “Magic Moment” with the little ones in my care.
Blue Bird Primary Anita Manele

Anita Molwale

Blue Hats Co-Teacher

It is a dream come true to be on the team at Bluebird as I love working with children. It is such a joy to see their growth and learn more about what they like to do each day. It is wonderful for me to see the learning in action every day and being a part of that is a gift for me. I know that children feel safe and happy around me which makes my job so meaningful.
Blue Bird Primary Thokie Manele

Thokie Manele

Red Hats Co-Teacher

I have been at Bluebird for many years and have worked across all the age groups. I love working with little children and they also feel safe and loved around me. Their little stories and their beautiful smiles just make my day. The peace and joy which lives at this school is very special and I go home uplifted and encouraged.
Bluebird Primary Profile Tanya

Tanya de Wet

Purple Hats Teacher

Having been at Bluebird for over a decade, I can safely say that we are more than colleagues, we are family. I am so blessed to live out my passion and purpose to mould little minds and hearts within an environment that is filled with so much love, energy and enthusiasm. When those “aha” moments of success light up the eyes of my children, all is well with my world.
Bluebird Primary Profile Alix

Alix Dalais

Yellow Hats Teacher

I have always known what I wanted to do in life and that was to work with children. Every day at Bluebird is an adventure and it is so rewarding watching the children learn and grow throughout the year. I absolutely love my job!
Bluebird Primary Profile Thelma

Thelma Kombe

Green Hats Teacher

Since joining Bluebird in 2014, I have enjoyed working across all age groups. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be the Green Hats class teacher and the adventures we create together make every day very special. I also have the privilege to teach music which is one of my greatest passions. My days are filled with song and dance and seeing my little friends' faces light up is the highlight of my job. Above all, I get enormous fulfilment from helping children reach their full potential and gain independence.
Blue Bird Primary Nothabo Nsingo

Nothabo Nsingo

Blue Hats Assistant Teacher

Working with children feeds my soul as I love to interact with them. Over the years I have been fortunate to spend time with little people in a variety of settings and I am confident that I have found my passion. Above all, I am a mother of 3 so teaching is the cherry on top for me.
Blue Bird Primary Victoria

Victoria Zeelie

Green Hats Co-Teacher

Bluebird is a home away from home for me, having attended it as a pre-schooler myself! Working with the children every day is a gift to me as I am currently studying towards a B.Ed Foundation Phase Degree. Bluebird is truly a wonderful place to learn and grow for big people and little people!
Blue Bird Primary Grace Mabunda

Grace Mabunda

Domestic Staff Supervisor and Chef

I am so proud to be part of the Bluebird team where I spend my day preparing meals for the children who love my food very much. There is so much love at our school and the open environment makes me feel appreciated and included in every way. I feel like a star and this is where I love to be!
Blue Bird Primary Percis Ngwenya

Percis Ngwenya

Caretaker and Gardener

My job at Bluebird allows me to do what I love every day. I am the Caretaker of the school and also enjoy maintaining the garden and helping my colleagues wherever needed. Hearing the funny little stories from the small children keeps me smiling.
Blue Bird Primary Nikki du Plessis

Nikki du Plessis

Administrator and PA to the Head

My job as the Administrator and PA to our Head is very fulfilling in so many ways. I love the special moments I get to spend with the children and having been at Bluebird for many years I could write a book. It would be a bestseller!
Blue Bird Primary William

William Maribe

Gardener and General Assistant

Bluebird is an amazing place to work and has made me who I am today. I love being part of the team and am grateful for the Bluebird families who have taken me into their hearts. I love building connections with the children and their smiles and jokes every morning are the best way to start my day.
Blue Bird Primary Margareta Holleran

Margareta Holleran

Learning Support Specialist

From 1987 when I began my teaching career in a Grade One classroom at a school in Edenvale it was evident to me that teaching is a privilege. My interest in the use of cognitive thinking strategies started during my psychology studies. After several years teaching across the Foundation Phase and informal preschool systems, I came to realise that teaching created and influenced my personal happiness. My passion for early intervention has been guided by theorists like Reuven Feuerstein, Loris Malaguzzi and Carl Hayward. Their thinking has led me to experience the benefit of a reflective, teaching process particularly during the early education years. Such thinking puts us alongside children in their life journey. Early multidisciplinary intervention with a skilled team is a key element to a child’s wholistic development.
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