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Here’s what some of our teachers had to say about working at Bluebird preschool.

I love working at Bluebird because I have a voice which is heard and together we work to make things happen. There are growth opportunities every day and I love to be part of this forward-thinking school.
Dudu Mthembu (Deputy Head)

Working at Bluebird is a privilege as I get to see the Bluebirders soar into their futures as they take flight and use those wings we helped them find.
Helen Smith

Being at Bluebird has opened my eyes to so many wonderful lessons in life. The children touch our lives every day and the beautiful atmosphere at school gives me hope for our future.
Violet Kungwayo

Being a part of Team Bluebird is wonderful and I cannot imagine doing any other job besides teaching. The working environment allows everyone to gain lots of knowledge. The key to our success is that everyone on Team Bluebird shares the same vision and I feel appreciated and encouraged.
Irene Manyike

Enriching little minds so they can become the best they can be and the love from my fellow colleagues are just 2 reasons why Bluebird is my home away from home.
Amanda Ndlovu

I love being on the staff at Bluebird because everyone matters and every moment counts.
Naledi Mowale

The way children embrace their day and explore their world is a beautiful gift which I get to benefit from every day. Happiness truly lives at Bluebird and I am grateful to be able to live out my passion as an educator in this incredible school.
Joyanne West

Walking in my purpose as I get to live out my passion for children and teaching is what gets me up in the morning! As a team, we pull one another up and uplift and support wherever we can.
Tanya de Wet

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