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New beginnings can be pretty daunting for little people (and their parents) especially after a long family holiday, spent doing wonderful things together and really connecting. I have listed a few tried and tested tips below which have helped countless families as they start preparing themselves and their child for the big moment of going to school.

  • Talk about Bluebird in positive terms and express your excitement at all that awaits your child every day
  • Describe what they will be able to enjoy (outdoor play, indoor play, friends, stories)
  • As the day draws nearer, ensure your child starts getting into a bedtime routine so they are sure to get enough sleep
  • A good night’s sleep is key to their emotional stability and resilience
  • Discuss what they will wear to school and put the clothes out ready the night before to avoid any unnecessary conflict or melt downs in the morning
  • Ensure they have a nutritious, substantial breakfast
  • Play music or chat naturally in the car and keep your emotions out of the equation
  • Our wonderful staff will be at the gate to welcome and direct you to the classroom
  • Staff will be on hand to assist anyone who may need direction or some support should there be tears
  • We advise that you are calm and matter-of-fact about saying goodbye.
  • If your child senses your anxiety, it will elevate things and result in tears across the board
  • While you are welcome to settle your child in the classroom for the first few days, we recommend that you adopt the “Kiss and Go” approach as quickly as possible
  • It is very hard for children to settle when moms and dads linger in the class
  • Due to our COVID regulations, children are expected to walk into school alone once they have settled in and we are all on board to help you and your child in this regard
  • We have found that the children embrace this level of independence very quickly and are so proud of themselves
  • Please know that we will never leave your child to cry for a long period of time. If your child does not settle, we will call you to collect them, and then try again the following day

We fully appreciate the stress levels around the first day of school. Our aim is to ensure that every child enjoys a happy, productive day and you can be assured of our loving support at all times. We love to keep the lines of communication open so please don’t hesitate to give Nikki a call should you have any concerns.

Joyanne West