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Here’s what some of our parents had to say about their Bluebird preschool experiences.

Families, children, and teachers are part of the Bluebird family and our children have been blessed with the opportunity to attend this wonderful school. Bluebird’s educational approach is unparalleled with access to the latest educational resources for teachers and parents. Bluebird focuses on the pre-school child providing them with all the tools they need for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. The curriculum is supported by early learning specialists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to assist every child. The inclusive, kind and warm environment has given our boys the ability to grow while feeling safe and nurtured. The focus is on providing the best education for little people who are loved and supported. A beautiful school, with wonderful values, amazing teachers, and happy children.
Carryn and Alan Yates

Members of my family attended Bluebird and we have lived in the area and always knew it had an excellent reputation as a nursery school. My son finished at Bluebird last year and thanks to the school readiness programme and strong early learning foundations, his entry into “Big School” was seamless! It brings me so much joy to see him go from strength to strength every day. Bluebird has certainly set him on such a solid trajectory!
Julia Smith

What sets Bluebird apart are the small touches in everything that they do and the attention to detail. When our little 5 year old graduated from Bluebird and just slotted into “big” school, you really appreciate the purpose with which everything was done. The teachers are passionate and up to date with the modern trends in education and they take the parents along the journey too.
The teachers are all fantastic role models and the children will never know how lucky they are to have had such a strong foundation built in their early years of school. And all done while having endless fun.
Rich Osborne

The education at Bluebird is excellent. The staff is amazing and their method of teaching is perfect for creating an independent, self thinking child. Bluebird has discovered a way to celebrate and uplift the naturally creative, inquisitive minds of children. The environment is a caring small community of teachers and children that nurture and take care for each other.
Phiwokuhle Kgatla

While I could move Sienna to a bigger pre-school, I prefer to have her right here at Bluebird, in a smaller environment with a dedicated curriculum. She is still so small and I want her to feel safe to explore and flourish before having the rest of her school career with the older children. There’s more than enough time for that!
Karien Alberts

Bluebird is the most incredible nursery school I have ever been to. I remember the first time I walked onto the property. I told my husband: “Our children are coming here, no matter what!”
We knew instantly this was the best place for our children. Bluebird has so much to offer and I love all the opportunities our children get to grow. They play with so many different things from hammering nails into blocks, using screw drivers to take printers apart, to painting outside and swimming in the mud pit.
Paulette Wilson

Bluebird manages to strike the perfect balance between nurturing and empowering and that is what makes it such a safe space for children and parents alike. During my children’s time there I have watched both of them grow in confidence while becoming more of themselves. Bluebird celebrates the individual while fostering a sense of family. It has been a privilege being part of that family.
Georgie Armstrong

I can’t compliment Team Bluebird more on the outstanding job you did in creating such a beautiful show. Not only did the audience love it, but you could see the children enjoyed it even more.
We have been parents at the school for what seems like a lifetime, and this is by far, the most “dazzling” show Bluebird has put on. Thank you for putting so much effort into making it so special.
Ashleigh Levin

The annual events and traditions are an amazing opportunity to make special memories that we still talk about and look forward to. We feel very humbled and lucky to be a part of such a caring and connected family.
Romy Osborne

The staff at Bluebird know just when to step in and assist and when to stand back and let the children fly, reducing anxiety and allowing confidence to develop. Bluebird is such a happy school, filled with discovery, magical learning opportunities and promoting a strong skill base for future academic success.
Allana Hemus

Initially, we chose Bluebird as a friend had suggested it to us. However, the more time we spend at Bluebird, the more we realise that Bluebird has a unique approach to learning through play – a concept that we truly believe in. Bluebird encourages children to question everything and to look for answers. Josh has developed at an alarming rate while attending Bluebird and all in a nurturing yet learning environment.
Stephanie Aproskie

When you move into a new country or a city, you don’t really know what to expect!
School is one of the major aspects of making anyone welcome to the new environment and Bluebird Pre-Primay school surpassed our expectations. While we initially chose Bluebird because it was closest to our house, we have come to realise that Atharva is the luckiest child to be a part of this holistic and rewarding preschool!
Prinali Ramani

I knew I had made the right decision to send Shiloh to Bluebird when I spoke to a father whose child used to be at Bluebird. He said: “I wish my kids were still little so I could go back to Bluebird everyday!” I am so grateful that Shiloh has the opportunity to be at such a wonderful school where each child is praised for their individuality and where everything is filled with joy and adventure. As a new mum, having a designated Class Mom and a WhatsApp group has really helped us all make friends and find our way. It truly is a magical place and not just for the children!
Chloe Watson

Letting our daughter Zaynab transition from a Moms & Tots environment in to the ‘big’ world was a somewhat overwhelming scout for us as first time parents. We wanted a foundational learning and play environment that would allow her to enjoy, learn, grow, and build confidence for the forthcoming adventures of her life. There was just something magical that captured our hearts when we entered Bluebird on that day. This feeling stuck with us even though we had seen other schools of accomplished calibre. It has been a joy and stimulating experience for all of us seeing the phenomenal Bluebird staff actively engaging in activities that celebrate cultural diversity, art, drama, language, and FUN! For us as parents, it has been a joy to be witness to the all-round growth and learning that has materialised in such a short stretch of time.
For Zaynab as to which school she wanted to attend, she excitedly and without hesitation replied, ‘the one with the bunnies!”
Yumna and Abdullah Mayet

The COVID pandemic was a shock for us all but “Team Bluebird” was amazing in the way they managed every aspect of this crisis. They went above and beyond to keep us informed and updated as well as providing us with goodie bags for our children to do at home while they set up an incredible online learning programme. Thank you, Bluebird for keeping us informed, updated and sane throughout the scary time. You are all incredible and I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful family.
Cara da Silva

COVID has thrown us all and I want to thank “Team Bluebird” for the amazing job you have done under exceptionally challenging circumstances. The effort you have all put in was enormous and it is greatly appreciated. I work for one of the largest companies in the world and the required remote engagement and virtual interaction has been exceptionally challenging, this despite the fact we have significant resources to assist us. You can all be very proud of what you have achieved and we thank you very much for helping us through this period. Max has been educated, engaged and developed as a result of your efforts and we are very grateful.
Edward Bell

“We have had the privilege of sending both our son and daughter to Bluebird, which has been the most wonderful second home for them to learn, play and grow. We were initially attracted by Bluebird’s longstanding reputation that we soon realised is the result of a very supportive community of parents, teachers and dynamic PTA. We could not have asked for a better foundation for our children to learn, than a school with so much heart.”
Taryn and Brendan Wiebols

I absolutely love the diversity at Bluebird. The children come from different backgrounds, races, cultures and religions. It fills me with pride that my twins get to experience growing up with such a diverse group of friends. The staff played a critical factor in our choice of Bluebird, as they create a superb atmosphere and are driven and compassionate too. They don’t limit the children’s experience to learning, but also to nurturing and guiding them, which is what the world needs more of!
Serita Singh

After having visited Bluebird, it really was the only option for us. It felt right and we knew our son would flourish in such a nurturing, yet adventurous environment. It’s not just a garden, but it’s a special place for children to explore on their own or with friends in all the different areas that have been carefully designed for their age. The staff are incredible and each one has such a unique approach, that my son transitioned so well when getting to ‘big school’.
Elena Protulis

I believe Bluebird has the most nurturing teachers whilst lovingly providing the structure and guidance young children need. The smaller class sizes are perfect for the individual attention and love each child needs and it helps them learn to value and respect each teacher they interact with. This is crucial in the long-term for the rest of their schooling careers. Lastly and almost just as important to a super OCD career driven mom (such as myself), their level of feedback, dedication and communication is exemplary.
Parastu Meidany

At Bluebird, education is a way of life, not merely a curriculum taught in the classroom. We love ‘doing life’ with the Bluebird community. Bluebird equipped our daughter to step into ‘big school’ with confidence and EQ. At the start of our journey at Bluebird, we could not have imagined the growth, joy, confidence that would be nurtured steadily over the 3 years spent at the school.
Fahmida Potgieter

We could not have decided on a better place for our children to start their schooling journey. The nurturing environment and the limitless energy, enthusiasm and encouragement from all the staff means it really is a place that has helped instil independence and self confidence in our boys. Bluebird truly is a place that cultivates curious little minds and sets them in good stead for future challenges and adventures that lie ahead.
Melissa and Robert Dunford

Joyanne and her staff are amazing. Each child is very well looked after according to their personality and needs. This struck us as a unique quality. Kitana has progressed beautifully since being at Bluebird, academically, physically and socially. We love our school and are so proud to tell everyone about it.
Reshma Ravjee