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All children create emotional links with some form of comfort toy or device during their toddler years. We fully appreciate how attached children can be to these items and understand how hard it can be for them to part from them during the school day once they have become dependent on them.

Due to health reasons, we do not allow children to bring dummies or bottles to school as they present a massive health hazard and are notorious for spreading unwanted bugs. They are also a cause of great conflict as they are quickly snatched out of one another’s mouths if spotted! Bottles and dummies also have a negative impact on the child’s speech development if left for too long and we strongly encourage parents to take this into consideration when allowing their children to form dependence on such items for too long beyond the age of 2yrs.

Blankies and comfort toys are also not encouraged and we work hard with parents to wean their children off such items before they come to school. It is age-appropriate for our Blue and Green hat children to cope during the day without needing these support items. The activities on offer during the day keep the children stimulated and engaged which tends to take the children’s mind off their need for a blankie. However, should a child be upset and need comfort, teachers step in immediately and provide warm, loving care. A little cuddle on a teacher’s lap is often all that is needed to do away with tears and sadness.